Watch how QuietCool Thermal Mass Cooling can save you up to 90% of your home cooling costs.



Thermal Mass Cooling

By taking advantage of the naturally cooler outside air, Quiet Cool house fans dramtically lowers the themal load on the air conditioning system during the hottest parts of the day. This saves you money in cooling costs. It's just like when you open the windows when first driving in a very hot car to quickly cool it down.

The principle is the same. Use the QuietCool whole house fan to lower the temperature, not just of the air, but of all items in the house, including the walls, floors, furniture, attic, and everything else. This is Thermal Mass cooling in action.

Air Quality

Want to improve your allergies and overall health? The air inside your house can be full of things you don't want. Pet dander, microbes from the bathroom or when someone sneezes, cooking odors, smoke, and other contaminants can build up inside a home, making it a very unhealthy environment. When installed and sized correctly, Quiet Cool fans can provide up to 20 air changes per hour, ensuring a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. Think of that, every 3 minutes you have completely fresh air with no interior allergens, microbes and smells.


Quiet Cool fans are the most efficient fans on the market. On the California Energy Efficiency appliance database, Quiet-Cool fans hold 9 out of the top 10 positions for efficiency.

What is more, QuietCool fans use a damping system that helps insulate your home as well as keeping the noise levels down to an incredibly low level. And quality materials are used throughtout.

Remember, if it doesn't say QuietCool, it's just another fan.

What the experts say


American Lung Association

says cat dander will stay airborne for 10 hours, and viruses will stay airborne for 10 days.

The Department of Energy

reports that installing a whole house fan is the most cost-efficient way to cool your home.


reports that indoor air pollution is directly responsible for as much as 1/3 of our national health bill.

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.

claims that whole house fans use up to 90% less energy than compressor based air conditioners.


reports that indoor air pollution may be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air, even in major metropolitan smoggy cities.


released a study comparing a Title 24 home and an alternative home and found that in the “More Energy Efficient Design” alternative home, a whole house fan essentially eliminated an air conditioner in 10 of the 16 California climate zones.

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